Dave Cameron: I will become a socialist in power

Now, for those idiots who believe that socialism is about the CCCP (USSR) – it isn’t – that is about tyrannical, centralised authoritarian government. Certainly not a socialist one – but that is another blog post – back to Dave.

A new politics: We need a massive, radical redistribution of power | David Cameron | Comment is free | The Guardian.

What Dave is doing is, like his predecessor, Thatcher, implementing the ‘best bits’ and forgetting the rest – when that happens you’re doomed to fail, but hey – Dave really isn’t a socialist. He just sees what is and thinks he can incorporate it into his New Progressive Conservative Party.

Pandering to peoples fears isn’t new politics, Dave – but when you read his piece in the Guardian you would think that he is approaching what people want.

He doesn’t tell you about the cuts that he and his party will do when he is in power. Further to this he doesn’t say how he is going to repeal the New Labour laws, how he will reign in the police power, how he will fund all this lovey-dovey stuff. How he will enact policy where he will bring about better schools by allowing ‘parents’ to open a school – that means he is going to allow businesses open and run them – yet, would that be a bad thing after all that has happened over the last 30 or so years?

With every decision government makes, it should ask a series of simple questions: does this give power to people, or take it away? Could we let individuals, neighbourhoods and communities take control? How far can we push power down?

Then draw up a written constitution! A freedom Bill – the LibDems are prepared to do that. Work with the LibDems to bring about this so-called change.

Dave Cameron is a Tory – so, to me he cannot be trusted. If he brings about what he calls change, even in his first term I may be persuaded otherwise – I just can’t see it.

Especially as he has said electoral reform is off the table out of hand.

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