It sounds like it's too hard to catch the guilty, so they decide to make everyone guilty

“There never has been a golden age of civil liberties.”

Well maybe not – but what stops ‘The Now’ being the beginning of that golden age?

“We have to be careful about always being on the verge of a police state”, Gearty said. “I have searched for golden age of civil liberties and not found it.

I never have understood those who really do live in the past – especially on matters such as society. Social reform, in its very base level, is changing each day with each child that is born. What will that child grow up to be – what aspirations should he/she hold for itself?

If you just go along with social norms of the day – the current day, then those aspirations should be stifled so you have nought but a child of the time but literally living in the past.

“The 1980s were dreadful. The interwar period was dreadful. I looked up the 19th century and the police just shot you. I looked up the 18th century and they just hanged you,” Gearty pointed out.


This maybe the case – but again I ask why does it have to be that way now?

Why can’t we, this generation, this government (or the new one) make it so we have civil liberties that mean something to the generations to come?

We can send a message out to the future that we, all of us, were thinking about you – your aspirations – how you want to live you lives. In freedom, in a way where the State is there for you and not to just rule over you. Where the State keeps it nose out of your business unless it really has to get involved. A state where everyone is free and innocent until, beyond reasonable doubt, that person will then be found guilty.

Where laws that are enacted are ones that cannot infringe on the rights of the person – ever.

Where laws are subjected to a rigorous scrutiny in a committee stage and thrown out to be re-written so it complies with the constitution of the UK, or England or who else comes under that remit.

The people are demanding it and parliament is ignoring the will of the people – again.

which raises the question as to whether the only difference between Labour and the Conservatives is over the number of CCTV cameras and the size of databases that already exist anyway.

So it seems that, for the moment at least, when it comes to the debate about liberty, the left is a lonely place.

It is, it really, really is.

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  1. thebeadden says:

    Well said, Will. Another great post.

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