They were only doing their job! Police beat unconscious suspect.

So says the attorney who is representing the police officers – she claims that they were within their rights to beat an unconscious man.

I am sure many, many people have watched this video – but is this the way that police are trained?

Should the man on the floor be kicked, beaten and repeatedly punched in the head?

I wouldn’t run from the police as it is – let alone try to out run them in a car, after all they are trained drivers and do know more about handling a vehicle than I do. But I also know that I have certain rights while being questioned by police officers. Yet that isn’t the point.

The unconscious guy was thrown from the fleeing van and knocked out – if their attorney says they are doing as they were trained and they should get their jobs back, well…

This part of the tape – allegedly – was not shown at first (2008) and has only surfaced in the last two days. If that is the case then that means someone had a hand in hiding this evidence. And that means they were worried that this should go public.

An unconscious man offers no threat!

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0 Responses to They were only doing their job! Police beat unconscious suspect.

  1. PiedType says:

    My theory about this sort of thing is that cops get so pumped on adrenalin and excitement (and a lot of them being John Wayne types to start with) that they are either reluctant or unable to control themselves when they finally catch their prey… er, suspect. Thrill of the chase, blood lust, fight or flight, danger, all that. Not that I have an ounce of sympathy when they do stuff like this.

  2. leftoutside says:

    Wow, that is outrageous. who would protect those officers after this by hiding the tape?

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