This was Lou Dobbs' poll question tonight

Would you personally employ torture to save American lives and prevent an attack on this country?

I know that Lou likes to say that he is an ‘independent’ – but for the life in me I can’t see how. I watch his show because it is just shy of Fox News, and that is saying something.

But the poll results well, they did surprise me to one degree but in another – in that right-wingers must be the ones to watch his show, it wasn’t surprising at all.

Yes 86% 3031
No 14% 484
Total Votes: 3515
This is not a scientific poll

Although I have no doubt that Lou does love his country – but how can he, like so many others, believe that torture is right?

America did kill people who tortured American soldiers during previous wars. Asking people in poll format isn’t a matter of just doing a show like his – it is a matter of implying that torture is acceptable. In that if it means saving your family or friends then you can justify torture – but you cannot.

A civilised and mordern country does not condone torture – if that isn’t the case then why did all those allies lose their lives so many years ago?

Would Lou agree that someone could torture Americans if it meant saving lives and an attack on their country – by Americans which, of course, means that American are tortured?

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7 Responses to This was Lou Dobbs' poll question tonight

  1. Leo says:

    Just to add to the conversation, about a week ago I did a post on something I discovered on an Episcopalian News website on what was called the “just war” doctrine.

    Essentially the foundation for the Christian thinking of war was intended “a critique of various kinds of putatively Christian ‘Holy Wars’ and crusades”. But over the years, nations had put their own twist and given their own justifications, straying from the original intent of the doctrine.

    If you’re not familiar with the doctrine, primer information on it can be found at Wikipedia under Jus ad bellum (which loosely translates as ‘Just War’):

    The criterion for considering something a just war is quite a refreshing look at how wars should be declared–or even more so, what we as nations must do to prevent them.

    And if you are interested, the link to my post is here.

  2. lunawolf says:

    Thank you! When we give up our own values in a “Post 9/11” world for fear of attack, guess what? The terrorists have done exactly what they intended: terrorized us.

    There is no evidence that any more lives were saved by waterboarding than by standard interrogation . Dick Cheney said he was convinced that hundreds, if not thousands of lives were saved, but can’t come up with any examples. Sean Hannity today, after hearing his dear friend Dick’s speech, was foaming at the mouth this afternoon, saying that these practices saved thousands, if not millions of lives. Amazing how the number keeps going up the longer they spin this crap as “keeping America safe.”

  3. Stefan Toft says:

    What a terrifying poll…

    This is what scares me about the american military power. That you are the guys with the most brute force and able of attacking pretty much any nation in the world and at the same time this is what many of your citizens believe is “okay” behaviour.

    It sickens me to know that some people think like this.

    Let us hope that tomorrow will be better than today and so on.

  4. PiedType says:

    I’ve seen the question posed as: Would you torture to save your own family? I’m surprised he didn’t phrase it that way. I’ve noticed he usually words his questions to elicit the results he wants. And remember, only Dobbs viewers would be voting in a Dobbs poll.

    I quit watching him quite a while ago. At some point I just couldn’t take any more, even when I agreed with him!

  5. eksith says:

    “but how can he, like so many others, believe that torture is right?”

    He’s human.
    And like most members of our species, he won’t understand the rammifications because his perception is that “his people” aren’t the target. And because he’s learned to view the world as matter of “my people” and “their people” and not just “people”. It’s easier to bend your better judgement when you’re dealing with enemy when you feel no kinship with him.

    This won’t likely change in our lifetimes, but maybe we’ll see fewer and fewer instances of people willing to abandon higher morals for a false sense of security.

    Why do you think facism in fiction is such a popular subject? The subject matter’s appeal comes from the fact that reality is only a few degress off.

  6. lunawolf says:

    “Would you torture to save your own family? I’m surprised he didn’t phrase it that way” Hannity did it for him. He put the scenario that if “YOUR” child were taken by a gang of kidnappers, and the police had caught one of them and had them in custody, wouldn’t you do everything in your power to get information about the rest of the group that had your child, including water-baording?

    My answer would be, well, yeah, but that’s why POLICE run investigations on kidnappings, not parents. Is Hannity really making a case for the water-boarding techniques that happened under the Bush admin or is he now advocating that we do this to suspected kidnappers as well?

  7. Dennis Johnson says:

    Mr. Dobbs, Yes I feel it is the job of our elected politician’s to do all that is need to assure all legal residents of the United States of America are safe. If the Clinton / Obama news media thinks other wise maybe all the blue caller votes should boycott the New York Times, ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN and CNBC. It would not take but a few months to find out what the middle class, blue caller dollars did for them and their advertisers… Maybe the Clinton Foundation would help bail them out they sure had her back in the election.

    Dennis Johnson

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