The people as sovereign

Certainly would be nice – but would parliament give up that kind of power?

Michael Martin the first Speaker of the House of Commons to be forced out since Sir John Trevor in 1695.

As Martin leaves he brings about a sea change – bit late really but as they say, better late than never. But, if this whole expenses row hadn’t blown up there is only one way to look at it, and that is it would have all been the same old, same old.

No one, NO one, would have done a thing about it.

It is revolution that is in the air now, as voters share a sense of revulsion that has no recent precedent. When the nation loathes not this individual or even that political party, but the entire governing class ā€“ yearning to throw out the whole rotten lot of them ā€“ then the ground begins to tremble.

Revolution? I doubt that. A revolution would mean a massive change in parliament – but it isn’t going to happen with either New Labour or the Conservatives in office – no matter how much we want it to be the case.

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