Getting jittery, Dave?

To boost the Tory vote – Dave goes on the attack, but yet not a policy attack.

BBC NEWS | Politics | Cameron starts election petition.

Dave must have been reading the blogs,boo-yah for him I say. But as the Tory vote is taking a hit in the Europeans and Local election polls – he is trying to bring the vote back in what he calls a call for a general election now.

Will that be his full campaign stance or will he have something, far more substantial, to offer?

I doubt it – the only thing the Tories are going to offer both in the Europeans, locals and the general election that is to come, will be massive cuts in public spending and tax hikes for those who can afford not to have them – and of course tax the poor(er) more.

Maybe Tebbitt (spit) was correct – voting for those who are not the mainstream parties will have an effect. Especially if people do ignore Dave and still vote for the fringe parties and not giving him a mandate to call for an election each PMQs.

We await the result.

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  1. Kelsie says:

    Looks like the game is up for Mr Martin:

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