1997 (New) Labour Party Manifesto; a new look

This is our contract with the people

This was the manifesto that I knocked on doors for – was part of the party for.

via 1997 Labour Party Manifesto.

If you read it – can you see why I – a staunch Labour man will no longer vote for (New) Labour.


Let me show you:

I believe in Britain. It is a great country with a great history. The British people are a great people. But I believe Britain can and must be better: better schools, better hospitals, better ways of tackling crime, of building a modern welfare state, of equipping ourselves for a new world economy.

I still believe that now. Britain’s history is, well, historic in anyone’s name. The British people ARE a great people, but are there better schools? Are there better hospitals? Is there a way of better tackling crime? Is there a better welfare state? And – is Britain equipped for a new world economy?

New Labour wants gigantic prisons to tackle crime – that is certainly new. New Labour wants to prosecute the poor and force disabled people into work – that, too, is new.

Are and is British service and industry ready for a new world economy? I think you know the answer to that one.

A new politics

This is interesting:

To accomplish this means more than just a change of government. Our aim is no less than to set British political life on a new course for the future.

People are cynical about politics and distrustful of political promises. That is hardly surprising. There have been few more gross breaches of faith than when the Conservatives under Mr Major promised, before the election of 1992, that they would not raise taxes, but would cut them every year; and then went on to raise them by the largest amount in peacetime history starting in the first Budget after the election. The Exchange Rate Mechanism as the cornerstone of economic policy, Europe, health, crime, schools, sleaze – the broken promises are strewn across the country’s memory.

Erm…says the cynic.

New Labour

[…]exhausted and divided in everything other than its desire to cling on to power,[…]

Just read that – it will, I guarantee – shock you.

The vision

We are a broad-based movement for progress and justice. New Labour is the political arm of none other than the British people as a whole. Our values are the same: the equal worth of all, with no one cast aside; fairness and justice within strong communities.

The vision is one of national renewal, a country with drive, purpose and energy. A Britain equipped to prosper in a global economy of technological change; with a modern welfare state; its politics more accountable; and confident of its place in the world.

You can;if you wish – look and read that policy document word for word and line by line. You will see that; that manifesto would be produced by a ‘New’ Labour opposition today.

It is a warning – not just for those who have looked at the politics over the last two years. It is a warning of what national leaders will say that they will do and when in government do precisely the opposite. Not that they can say in stone what they will do because the are the opposition – but because they will tell you anything that they can to persuade you to vote for them.

Whichever party gets into power they will be hit by the establishment of Whitehall and all the civil servants that are employed.

Britain isn’t broken as Dave Cameron keeps telling us. Parliament is. Whitehall is. And that is where the change has to happen.

When it does there maybe a chance, albeit a small one, that parliament can work for the people again – it hasn’t for at least 45 years.

If they say they will reduce your taxes – they are lying!

If they say they will improve education – they are lying!

If they say they will bring about work, jobs, better welfare – they are lying!

If they say they will bring about a new economy – they are lying!

THEY can’t!

Until civil servants at the most highest positions are done away with and the interests of the people are put first – they will lie to you. No matter which party they belong to.

The party that gives you not a covenant of change in policy but a change in Whitehall and the way the establishment works – that will be a party that could bring about a small amount of change, at first.

They would be the party to elect – but could they fulfil that promise. Neither (New) Labour nor the Tories have done it. So where will your vote go?

X really does mark the spot.

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