MPs' expenses: The resignations should start with those who tax dodged!

I had to say something about this – because as I read more and more each day about MPs expenses – I am still questioning whether the UK public will be as pissed off at tax dodgers.

MPs’ expenses: The resignations should start with the Speaker – Telegraph.

All this anger – though deservedly so – focused on MPs is ongoing to the degree that the Speaker of the house is being asked to piss off into the aether. OK – that’s fine. Maybe those MPs who haven’t fleeced the public should stand up and say so – and point to, in my opinion, a bigger problem than MPs expenses. It is a bigger problem not because it is a moral problem that MPs have to deal with – it is a problem because it is costing the UK tax payer real money.

MPs can be dragged over the coals and made to pay the money back – even if it was within the rules (Jacqui Smith).

Those MPs who should resign forthwith are those who have dodged paying taxes. THEY are the ones who are legitimising those businesses who send a chunk of cash overseas to make sure they don’t pay what they should.

As a society we can be as angry as we want at politicians – they are, after all, in the public domain and we can every so often get rid of them if they are troughing – but not CEOs, directors or companies.

For years companies and individuals have fleeced the system – like politicians – because they can. Is that human instinct, well I will let those who are far cleverer than I decide that one. But we have to look at the evidence before us – and that evidence shows that this is the case.

Those who are tax dodging should come under public scrutiny – for that time is high, too.

Public wrath for public figures is justified – but so is the continuation of that wrath for those who have – and will continue to do – basically take from the public what is owed.

Dave Cameron or whomever is the leader of New Labour – Nick Clegg even, they can condemn benefit cheats, if that should be the word for them. But now can they condemn in the highest order those who tax dodge?

If that is the case – then the first they need to condemn are their fellow politicians, and, if needs be – prosecute them. That is the ultimate deterrent to those who cheat on benefits. So is it only fair the same should be said for those who supposedly rule us?

Then they can, and without a ping of conscience or self-doubt go after those who owe the public so much cash.

It is, after all, the right thing to do.

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