“it is a tale
Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury,
Signifying nothing.”

The argument over Nancy Pelosi’s knowledge and feud with the CIA is a distraction.  It is an attempt to practice some sleight of hand to turn our collective head away from looking for the truth.  By her own admission, she knew something.  And by my estimation, she should be held accountable for her actions, too.

The true conversation to be had is whether or not the United States should torture its enemies.

The answer is no.

There is also conversation on how to investigate those who knowingly circumvented both United States’ and international law in order to engage in torture in the name of the people of the United States.  Vice-President Cheney has argued that what he and others knowingly did and have admitted has kept our country safe.

That is beside the point.  It was wrong.  And Nancy Pelosi’s ridiculousness makes her sound like she’s covering up that she knew about the torture, that she acquiesced due to political pressures, and that she’s trying to save her own behind.

She’s a distraction, much like Dick (and his daughter, and Steve Schmidt) which takes real wind out of the sails of John Conyers and Patrick Leahy, who are on a path to investigate who violated the human condition in the name of national ascendance.

Stop talking about her and talk about truth.

GOP leader on Pelosi’s claim

Boehner, McConnell Cheer Cheney’s Public Activism

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0 Responses to distraction

  1. lunawolf says:

    That is a good point. As a Democrat, I was furious when I first heard “Pelosi knew.”
    I am grateful our President has taken action towards ending those practices. I believe they make the US unsafe by legitimizing our enemies’ hatred of us.

    “The answer is no.”

    Exactly. Thank you.

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