June 4th – electoral reform?

With the European elections on the 4th of June happening despite the uproar and anger that is felt from the British public, will call for electoral reform come back with a boom rather than a bang?

Campaigns – Electoral Reform Society.

Over the last week the UK parliament has been, literally, rocked with the expense scandals, and no major party is exempt. The anger felt could push the incumbent government into 3rd or possibly 4th in the vote count – something that will surely mean a leadership resignation, or a race at the very least.

But this post is about electoral reform. The first past the post system has failed the UK electorate for the last 30 years at least. There has been questions asked for sometime about how it must change and campaigns by the Electoral Reform Society have been mooted but never really taken that seriously.

But that could now change.

If the UKIP or BNP take a significant number of votes then there will be, surely, a mandate for reform.

For too long the UK government has been elected by a minority – that is the way the first past the post system works, and I believe that this has to change. A government should be elected by the majority of the electorate and, if it should be the case, all parties represented – no matter what their political ideology. That is what democracy is all about. One voice in the mother of all parliaments is long over due. One voice in the sense that the people have spoken rather than a political ideology.

Saying the people are fed up is the ultimate understatement.

Q&A: European elections 2009

The Q&A link comes from the BBC on 12 January 2009. And, as we know politics changes daily – a few months down the line – well, a day IS a long time in politics. A month is an age – 4 months is an aeon.

People should vote in the local and Europeans – I am still shouted down because I feel voting should be mandatory. Too many people died so we all could vote, both men and women. But should the main parties be punished by the electorate? I feel they should – because if you look at the top of this blog I believe that governments should be afraid of the people and not vice-versa – and it looks like that are now seeing what those voters can do – and are scared of what the outcome will be.

June will be an important month for British politics and I hope upon hope that it isn’t just remembered for the vote against the political parties in the UK – I hope that it will bring electoral reform back to the table and this time it will lead to politics in the UK ill mean something to the voter. Not just the baby-kisser who will waltz into parliament to find it is an old boys club for the MP and not the constituent.

Reform is needed, no less for parliament, but for the future of the democratic process.

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  2. Left Outside says:

    I don’t mind being forced to vote so long as there is a box labelled none of the bastards for me to put my X in.

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