Oh – I see, it’s the technologies fault?

What bull!

BBC NEWS | Education | Web children ‘living in prisons’.

Try looking at the ‘information’ that parents get about allowing kids to play outside. The fear factor raised by underselling newsprint is where you look to first.

Next is the idiotic education policies of the ‘New’ Labour government – as well as the Tories having their 2 bobs worth.

It isn’t technology that is at fault for these kids being inside – the technology has been taken up more because parents are terrified to let their kids out to play. All you need to do is look at the headlines for Christsake!

He told ISA members – heads of independent schools in England and Wales – that they should offer children a diversity and excellence of experience to challenge the culture of technology in which they live outside school.

Getting ready to petition the new Tory government for more cash for “independent” schools?


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