They attack the NHS to stop healthcare reform in the US

Not surprising then that the British doctor they use didn’t know he was going to be in adverts.

“They came and saw me in my office about a month ago and I gather I’m appearing in some advert. They didn’t tell me that would happen,” he said.

US healthcare lobby’s adverts attack NHS as part of campaign against Barack Obama’s proposed reforms | World news | The Guardian.

Is the NHS perfect? No it isn’t. Yet – is the US system perfect? No it isn’t – and Americans pay more for their imperfect system that the UK. And insurance companies make a lot of money on the back of human misery.

For each person who has a tragic story about the UK system you can find as many in the US – and then you have to add to that those tragic stories of the millions of people who are under insured or not insured at all – and that must be the biggest tragedy of all.

And, in case Americans didn’t know, Conservatives for Patients’ Rights (CPR)is:

…headed by the former chief executive of a health group who was at the forefront of one of the country’s biggest healthcare fraud scandals. Rick Scott was forced out as CEO and chairman of a healthcare company, Columbia/HCA, in 1997 after the government accused it of a massive fraud through overbilling.

Scott walked away with millions of dollars in severance pay, but the company was forced to pay $1.7bn in compensation to the government, fines, interest and other payments to avoid prosecution and settle with claimants. Scott has responded to the criticism by saying: “I was never charged with any wrongdoing.”

Nice to know that he is heading the company telling Americans who to trust, eh?

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0 Responses to They attack the NHS to stop healthcare reform in the US

  1. Katharina in Ghent says:

    The health care system (or lack thereof) in the US is one of the main reasons why I would never want to live there. The people are very nice, but the system sucks!

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