I've blogged about their obsession with sex before…but could this be worse?

In the short term, a short term win is good for the people – or, we should say a minority of people. Because, as many of us know it is the loud minority voice – often wrapped in the garb of morality, that wins through.

But – as said here, is this victory for the greater good?

Is the majority of people once again going to be subjected to oversight that they do not want because someone has a hang up about prostitution on a free ad site?

Seems so, but the question has to be asked: How far will these people go with each small victory stretching further and further out and encompassing other services?

The PCWorld story asks those questions – and they are right to do so, because, and we have to look at the greater picture while taking into consideration of what we see as the internet as it is now.

Though we see the technology of the internet growing and an ever increasing younger and youthful users coming to the fore – we see that companies – especially those companies who will not adapt staking their claim to the rights of all individuals. Some, look toward France, saying that internet users should be disconnected from the ‘net because they file share. Though a greater number do not what will be next?

I am serious in that question. Look toward Murdoch and his empire, he wants to charge for content as do others really thinking that people will pay. But what if they don’t? Will blogs then be told to shut down because they are linking to stories? AP has, and will, go after those who have not bought the content if you just copy and paste what they have – because you should buy it instead. Personally I don’t even link to them any more – not that is a great loss to them.

I can see Google coming under greater fire – and do remember that Google sends them [News Sources] tons of traffic, yet Google doesn’t pay them directly so no amount of traffic will make them happy – yet, I always thought that is how you get hits and people hit your adverts and you get paid.

But the old business model of the punter paying upfront is what is wanted. Nothing new – give us the cash and you can read our biased opinion.

So, it maybe sex on Craigslist today but it could, quite easily, jump to just about anything that is on the internet right now.

How would you like to read the ‘net governed by massive corporations rather than what it is now?

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