If we can – let's look at this with a calmer, clearer head

So many of the general public are calling for a general election – but, in all honesty would that be the wisest thing to do?

MPs’ expenses: we need to know which ones are clean | Politics | guardian.co.uk.

People as we can see by all the comments on the various papers are screaming for some action to be taken – and that is why they call for an election. Yet – what is obvious to me is that an election wouldn’t clear up the mess. Yes, it would allow people to vote and show their anger – but, if we look at what the leaders of the parties are doing, that anger is hitting home.

What needs to be done, in my opinion before a general election, is sorting out the allowance scam once and for all.

The general public have every right to be angry – after all, whether you are Libdem, New Labour or Conservative a lot of those parliamentarians are troughing. Yet still, even if an election were called today – the system would not be changed. Yes a new government would be elected – but would they guarantee that this debacle would be cleared up?

I just don’t see it.

The allowance scam needs to be made to have very rigid rules, if there should be one at all, rules that are crystal clear. Those who have made a profit from the scheme should be made to pay that profit, and what they have taken so far, back – all of it, not a nominal sum – all of it.

MPs don’t want to live in flats in London – but what I would propose is that they should have to with the State maintaining those homes. If they want to live elsewhere then they should put up their own cash. No subsidies, nothing.

If that came into play and then agreed by all parties call an election. This could mean that the election will be in the Autumn – but if parliament is looking at this and not bringing in further draconian laws they will not be wasting parliamentary time – they will be dealing with a justifiable cause on behalf of the general public.

Although the whole system is complex – in need not be. And, if MPs haven’t noticed by now – any scheme that replaces the current one had better be open and very, very transparent!

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