Eyeliner and a pooch!

Now I know they are taking the piss – and it seems the Tories are a little quiet about the scandal – presumably because it is all, or should we say most, MPs who have their snout in the trough?

Dog food and eyeliner tax voters’ credence

Being paid 60+K a year and then claiming for eyeliner and dog food – well it is almost as bad as getting your tennis court fixed with public funds – or you garden done.

Bastards the lot of ’em.

Cheryl Gillan says she will repay the dog food money – what does that come to, 5 quid?

They all should have to pay it all back over and above what is morally and in the spirit of the allowances. Then the allowances should be stopped all together!

Parliament should provide staff in Westminster – the same for paper and pencils. If there is a need for staff in constituencies then the maximum can be negotiated but should not exceed 12 grand.

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