Quotas, rather than ability.

I thought this one had been beaten to death with logic – but apparently not.

Women can’t depend on liberals for equality. We need radical action now | Jenni Russell | Comment is free | The Guardian.

Firstly, I am a man. Secondly, I am a Liberal – one of left-wing liberals at that! Thirdly – well, what is the point in doing a bloody list?

You could say the point of a list is to have a quota on it – so I won’t do one.

I believe in equality – and, if I may be so bold, I honestly think that most rational people do, too. Yet we have a piece about how equality stinks so you must have quota’s. Irrespective of the ability of the individual – and that is the way to forward equality?

News to me.

All quotas do is alienate those who have the ability but are then not even looked at because they are the wrong race, creed, gender or sexuality.

Personally – again if you read this blog, I don’t give a flying feck what gender you are or what colour – I came out extremely hard for Barack Obama. If Barack Obama had been a woman, a Black woman I would have come out just as hard for her. Because I thought that they were the best for the job – which, I may add, so far I have been proven right!

Quotas do not equality make! Ever!

Now, if you have a board room where you have the best of the best – do you honestly think that they will bring in a second rate person because he is a man – or would they bring in the person, albeit, a woman who was the best?

The latter in my world. Not because of some stupid quota – they would bring her in because she is the best for that position.

Quotas – or to give it its real name, discrimination, is wrong, was wrong, will ALWAYS be wrong!

Having a sliding scale of discrimination is not equality. Equality is gender, sexual, racially, creed blind!

If you work on that premise then you are looking forward and simply not trying to expose others to inequality – that’s how I look at things, I only wish more of the quota bunch would, too.

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0 Responses to Quotas, rather than ability.

  1. Kate says:

    The problem is that we don’t have equality, and not all of those in the position to make choices are proponents of equality. Quotas are unfortunate, but they overcome some of the inequality. They also overcome some of the inequality of the past. Fact is, perhaps some women and minorities may be less qualified while equally capable because they have simply not had the opportunity to gain qualifications as a result of past discrimination. Not having these quotas eliminate any equalization of the playing field.

    I hope some day quotas can be discarded and all people will get a fair shot at work, education, etc. That day hasn’t come yet.

  2. Ralph says:

    > Fact is, perhaps some women and minorities may be less qualified while equally capable because they have simply not had the opportunity to gain qualifications as a result of past discrimination.

    The problem is that you are assuming that they are not qualified solely *because* they were discriminated *because* they belong to some general group.

    Perhaps they are just as capable but are less qualified because they are lazy, because they can’t see things through, because they had the bad luck of a few rough patches in other areas of their life (prolonged bouts of disease or deaths in the family made things harder, etc). But they’re white and male, and there isn’t a quota for any of those things (including being white or male). Bummer.

    So, should we have quotas for every possible factor that might render perfectly capable people less qualified than others? No – formal qualifications and the job hiring process is what controls for that.

    Einstein is credited to have said “We cannot solve problems using the same kind of thinking we used to create them”. Further discrimination will NEVER make lessen the impact of discrimination. It will only make it worse.

  3. grammar says:

    Anyway, I agree with you. Quotas work in theory but in practice they seem (justly, I think) unfair. This just breeds resentment, which causes regression in fairness.

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