Well, not quite true

The BBC says:

Car scrappage scheme ‘unpopular’

BBC NEWS | Business | Car scrappage scheme ‘unpopular’.

But this isn’t the actual facts about the scheme.

What is, is that people looked at the scheme with some favour and then – as always, realised that what the government had on offer wasn’t what would have met with consumer choice.

The British scheme was one where a brand new car could be discounted by a grand, the German scheme included cars up to a year old. And double the discount provided by the British government.

There is a need to get older cars off the road – I don’t think anyone would disagree with that – but 10 year old cars – and a thousand quid discount with the car dealership adding another thousand?

Don’t think so – there is, after all, a recession on!

Add to the imbecilic attitude of New Labour, at just about anything – this just proves more that they are so out of touch it is unbelievable. A dud we could say.

Cars cost too much in the UK – that is a fact.

The UK government had a chance to do a lot – one hell of a lot to get manufacturing up and running again in the UK – it chose not to. The belief that the service sector is the way to go is as absurd as Jacqui Smith going for a brain transplant. Though I do feel sorry for the donor – for humanitarian reasons, of course.

What to get the consumer spending again?

Get rid of VAT for two years – all of it. The demand would be unbelievable – not so much the supply – because the capacity of British manufacturing isn’t there.

I wonder why?

Read Thatcher, Blair and, as we see, Brown. Add to that a bit of Major, too – but he was just….

You HAVE to have a strong manufacturing base – once those idiots in Whitehall get that – there maybe some light at the end of the tunnel.

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