Is this what Obama should be doing?

If you have read this blog for any amount of time you will know that – for what seemed like an aeon – I have supported Obama right down to sitting and live blogging while the results came in on Nov. 4th.

When he won I, like so many of us, shed a tear of absolute joy!

Obama to hold town hall meeting on credit cards | Markets | US Markets | Reuters.

Some have said that Obama is doing too much – with the mess he has had to deal with – and is doing a sterling job – we have to look at the fine print. And, to be honest, I don’t think doing a Town Hall over the amount people are charges (ripped off) by credit card companies.

He could easily leave that to others. And personally I think he should.

The law makers in Congress could legislate what is seen as corruptible rates, and we all know someone who has had these imposed on them. There is a lot of room for a consumer secretary if Obama should want one. And, again, I would agree with him doing this. A real department with real powers to flog the abusers if they should make the consumer pay what is patently unfair.

The US is a vast consumer nation so should, by default have someone who is in government protecting the rights of the consumer right on the ground.

To me, Obama shouldn’t be doing this – but it could be a matter that he is keeping himself in the news rather than the GOPs flailing new branding. But is that, in itself, a good thing – the people of the US should be able to see how bad the GOP/Conservatives/Republicans are – and would be again if in power, without a sea change in policy.

While the credit cards companies need to be taken to task – healthcare should be more on the agenda and Obama should be doing Town Halls to get that policy through.

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0 Responses to Is this what Obama should be doing?

  1. benafia says:

    Very good point about consumer rights or corporate/business accountability.

    We are left on our own for some things that are way beyond the average citizen-consumer to effect. Why not have a Cabinet position for something that effects people and the economy so much?

    Another big invisible elephant in the nations loving room is our “Free Press”. What would really constitute a free press? Just a free for all where, lets say, a corporate world view defines the nations identity and agenda?

    A few years ago we were up to our held closed noses with war and obfuscation. Still are to some extent, but what of the next time politicians make up reality for us? That “Free Press” going to question all aspects of decision making? And not just the crazy right wing ranting we have as fair and balanced discourse.

    Democracy is only as viable as the unfettered information citizens have good access to. We may see Obama do some valuable repair work to our nation, but until facts in accurate context are the norm, all the good works can be thrown out in realities politicized fair and balanced bathwater. We may need an independent truth seeking institution beyond the failing fourth estate.

    Oops. Ranted on.
    Thanks for your conscienctious post.

  2. PiedType says:

    I don’t know why we don’t have laws against usurious interest rates. But either the lawmakers write them, or they don’t. A town hall meeting on the issue seems like a total waste of time for all concerned.

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