Is this why Murdoch wants the BBC broken up…

or at least made to be commercial?

It is interesting that people such as Murdoch have fought tooth and nail to ‘do’ something about the BBC – but, as so many of us know, the BBC provides its content for free – world-wide.

Now, Murdoch in his wisdom is saying that online, free, exposure to his content will end, and people will have to purchase a subscription to view it.

Rupert Murdoch’s online folly | Jenna McWilliams | Comment is free |

Good I say.

As I agree with Jenna, in that the media, for far, far too long, have had the ability to tell people what to think – and please don’t subscribe to the “We can only report – what people think is up to them” mentality – it just shows you are a buffoon!

The press media have a massive impact on what people think, Jesus, look at how many read the Mail and The Sun – with that readership you have real power – and that is what Murdoch is losing. He and those like him – and they don’t like it.

Small bloggers like me get our news from where ever we can – say Google – but, as we see there, in the back room and dark knights have been having a go – getting Google to pay for sending people to their websites. Google, thankfully will tell them to fuck off!

What would be good, although I cannot see this happening – Google gets into the reporting of the news. I am sure they have enough geeks and nerds who could work out a way – though they won’t read this – I would sign up for that one – so long as the content would be given to bloggers for free, forever.

Newspapers are dying a death. They are doing so not just because of the internet, which is an easy target, but because the reporting is shit! The adverts get in the way of anything and everything. Two pages on adverts for one line of reporting? That is just mental – and it isn’t a newspaper it is an advertising pamphlet! Albeit a very large one.

And that advertising revenue goes not to the running of the papers – it makes a great amount of money for the Murdoch’s of this world.

If newspapers die – they die, that doesn’t mean the news will stop – it will get reported – just in a very different way than it is now.


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