George Osborne: We will say it quietly, we will only cut public spending until you realise what we're up to…

I wouldn’t say that Ozzie is a quack – well, he isn’t a Dr for one – but he is a politician, a Tory politician who really believes that the Tory party is going to get a majority.

And – although Dave has forbidden any policy speak to the press, and more importantly, the general public (doesn’t it make you ooze with excitement), Ozzie goes on to say what the Tory policy will be come the fact that they will be in government.

Delivery in an age of austerity | George Osborne | Comment is free | The Guardian.

Ozzie and Dave are real mates, they both believe that they should be in Thatcher’s gang – and they are going to bring about a Thatcher utopia, whether people want it or not – basically because New Labour and their Thatcherite policies have failed. But Ozzie is going to do something new – and shiny!.

That is why today I will be ­joining the advisory board of the ­progressive thinktank Demos. Of course, as a member the board I won’t necessarily agree with ­everything it publishes, but ­listening to new ideas from across the political spectrum is ­essential when you look at the problems Britain faces.

That in bold is politispeak for, ‘I don’t give a toss what they have to say – we will do things our way – but we will look like we are listening’.

But, really, is this all a bad thing? The eternal optimist in me is arguing like cat and dog with the cynic.

The optimist is saying that change is good and that Britain does need change away from more and more Thatcher policies, give the Tories a try and see if they can do anything better – anything HAS to be better. The cynic, as always, is saying that Ozzie and his mate Dave will just make things worse – Tories always do!

Then there is the third way – let the Tories do what they do, let New Labour fight to the death. Let them have at it like never before. Let the electorate see them for the politicians that they are and how they care not one shite for those who vote for them.

Let us see them for their true colours.

Britain needs a Thatcherite government – no, seriously. Though I would love the LibDems to win this time – it isn’t a matter of them winning through the back door. They have to win while rubbing the nose of the electorate in the shite they have been voting for or against for the last 30 years.

The LibDems MUST have a real mandate from the people to bring about, firstly, electoral reform. That is paramount – and, again in my opinion, they are the only party committed to reform – even if it means they lose power.

Dave and Ozzie, Harriet and Alan will not commit to it – because it will mean that they lose overall power for one, and they don’t trust the electorate to do the right thing and vote for a government rather than a minority.

I would love that the LibDems come to power with a majority this time – it would be great. But for too long people have voted in a tribal way for who they think will do the best for them, certainly not the best for the country.

The country does need change – but not change back to what it was like in the 80s and 90s.

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