Watching the horizon while standing in a bucket of crap…

After years of rolling my eyes, huffing and puffing, and simply scratching my head at the idiotic education policies by both Conservatives and New Labour I think it is time for government to be taken out of education completely.

BBC NEWS | Education | Parents to trigger school changes.

We know, if you are British, that a general election isn’t that far away – the European and local elections are first – and that will give a better indication as to when the big one starts, but I digress – education, and by default children, are to be used, again, as a political football.

The Conservatives are wanting schools to be set up by parents – and they think that will lead to greater writing skills and an ability to read. Well – if they, and their supporters can’t see the problems they are going to have – I ain’t the man to point it out for them, because I don’t want the Tories elected.

But New Labour – well bugger me!

Even after 12 years of targets, SATs, umpteen policy changes on education – we have a “new” vision; parents, any parent, can report a school for being a bad school – and then the council sends in the heavies!

Oh what visionary policy.

[…]might involve local authorities surveying parental opinion.

If it were negative, councils would then have to get good schools to help out the weaker ones in federations.

The idea, after a tough week for the prime minister, is a response to Tory plans to let parents set up schools.

No seriously – this is, and this may sound nationalistic, but drives the point home, this is the country that had the greatest Empire the world had ever seen. An industrial base that none could compete with, a judicial system that was (albeit wrongly) the envy of the world – and – I could go on but all this and you have idiot politicians who can’t set out a policy to get kids to read and write.

Details will be in a white paper due to be published next month which will also include proposals for school “report cards”.

These would assign an overall score based on a range of factors such as test results and an assessment of pupils’ wellbeing as well as the views of parents and children.

PLEASE bring that brick wall closer – it is getting harder to walk.


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