A pair of trainers or an ID card…?

The Smith woman is determined – you have to give her that. Only problem is she is determined about the wrong thing, saving a chunk of billions of quid would have helped – but nope, those ID cards are going to be issued and in Manchester of all places!

BBC NEWS | Politics | Manchester ‘launch’ for ID cards.

Now, I’m not knocking Manchester – I really, really like Manchester – so much so that if I should have a daughter I will be naming her Manchester – yeah!

What I am knocking is Smith – the woman must be delusional!

You’re 16 years of age, you have 60 quid – what are you going to buy?

Certainly not an ID card – especially as it’s supposed to be voluntary. What I do want to see, which we obviously will, is how many are taken up – and who actually paid for them. ‘Cos the paying for them is the kicker.

Each card will cost £30 with a further £30 charge for collecting the data.

So, you are paying for the card – and you are then paying some geek to take your info’ and that will be the first step to having it lost. How can a 16 year old get their identity back? It won’t be easy – and will cost a damn sight more than the 60 bar you paid for the thing that gives someone unpresidented access to you as you.

Cool, eh?

People will be able to enrol in post offices and pharmacies, Home Secretary Jacqui Smith is expected to say.


It gets worse!

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0 Responses to A pair of trainers or an ID card…?

  1. museditions says:

    Hey, I haven’t been 16 for a long time, but I’d choose the trainers (or as we call them in these parts “sneakers”) too! My confession is that I guiltily love when different parts of my life are all linked up online. It’s easier, damn the consequences! I know I should be concerned with identity control (I think), but somehow, I’m just…not! 😕
    PS, BTW, I am glad you took that finger off your blog. 😀

  2. Mo says:

    Hmmm, any idea what it costs a teenager right now to get some form of ID card showing proof of age? Bet it ‘aint £60?

    I have, so far:

    Passport (with photo)
    Driving licence (with photo)
    Costco card (with photo)
    Fitness club id (with photo)
    Debit card
    Credit card
    B&Q Trade card
    Tesco clubcard
    NT Member Card
    Airmiles card

    Apart from my dabs, what else do they want from me? It’s just about all in that lot above already!

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