Sit back and smirk?

This isn’t what Dave Cameron is doing, of course. He is, in the want for a better term – shitting himself.


Because he knows that at some point he will have to make a decision to break cover and make a move. Up to press we have the Libertarian wing of the Conservatives sitting back, and, well, smirking at the downfall of New Labour – and to some degree I cannot blame them – yet, they won’t ever be in power so really who cares? If there is something that will break back the electorate toward New Labour, God forbid – it will be the Libertarians saying that they are the ones dictating Conservative policy – because they do actually believe that the UK voters want their kind of anarchy.

How wrong they would be.

The Tories must do more than simply wait for victory

While all the time sitting it out and watching New Labour eat itself from the inside out – people are becoming aware that the Tories are decidedly silent on what they will do in the future – should they take power. And that, even now, isn’t a forgone conclusion. They are way out in front in the polls but they cannot just sit on their heels and wait.

Voters are waiting – and, I may add, are New Labour. One mistake by the unofficial Tory party or the monster that is the Tory party official machine – and New Labour will jump on that like a rabid dog. And Cameron knows it.

May be the next election will be an 8 week affair – with the sides campaigning on policy – but somehow I doubt it – the next election will be one of the nastiest in history.

All that smirking does not policy make, no matter how much you like to see your opponent fail. Yet, even now, those in parliament are getting closer to the starting blocks – and that means the Tory message could be lost in the clamour. And that, in itself, could lead to a hung parliament – something Dave really doesn’t want.

So, what’s the message, Dave – people are listening.

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