Most of the Brown haters are New Labour MPs

Will that make Brown more popular with real Labour people? I doubt it but do remember, Clarke, Livingstone and Blunkett are a set of twats – which brings us back to New Labour.

‘I’m ashamed to be a Labour MP’, says Charles Clarke – Telegraph.

Rats and sinking ship come to mind – but as we all know they changed their respective colours once in power – unfortunately New Labour have opened the door for New Tory – and that can only mean that the UK is on an ever decreasing spiral downward.

Let’s hope that when the Tories are in power that it is only a short time before the UK electorate wake up and really do something about change. I am just so sorry for all the millions that will be out of work under a Cameron government.

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0 Responses to Most of the Brown haters are New Labour MPs

  1. apatheticblues says:

    Same people, different colour, methinks. I feel sorry for all the people who want to vote for change but can’t find anyone to vote for.

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