How about green jobs for British workers?

My contempt is almost complete for New Labour – not just those who sit in the ivory tower, those who were elected by the people to represent them. Those who had a chance to bring some manufacturing back to the UK – those who should be baying for blood at the announcement that this facility is closing.


The government had – another – chance to do something by way of getting people back to work, en masse, and having a green manufacturing base – yet they, as always, allow this company to close.

Why do I blame the government and not investors?

Basically because, as we all know, investing in new plant, new machinery, new places to do business is vastly expensive. The government could, easily, help new investors open this plants with any number of tax breaks – and that would mean new jobs for those people who need them most. It could have put the UK at the forefront of manufacturing of wind turbines – exportable to a world that is in concert that fossil fuels are out of touch with what is needed.

If you can bail out failed banks – you can invest in real, long term and permanent jobs.

Engel said last week’s budget, which increased subsidies available for offshore wind farms, as well as recent moves to free up the sluggish planning process, could boost the industry but it was too early to say whether orders would pick enough to rescue the plant.

More has to be done – and offshore? Why? Renewable energy needs to be taken from where it can be and at cheapest cost – and that could be on the Pennines to Wales’ Snowdonia.

Grab the iron while it is hot!

Engel said the group was in “constant dialogue” with the government and had informed it of today’s move. He admitted that no aid or assistance had been offered by Whitehall to try to save the plant. But he reserved his fiercest criticism for local politicians who he said were holding up projects, particularly onshore, giving the UK one of the lengthiest planning processes for developers wanting to build wind farms anywhere in the world.

“Since last summer, the order intake in the UK market has dropped significantly.


If the local, idiotic, government won’t do it – then central government should!

“People talk about big offshore parks. Why not put in onshore parks? The cost of installation is half compared to offshore.”

Again, New Labour shows how to miss a perfect opportunity.

Britain’s only wind turbine plant to close | Business |

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