Well – you learn something new everyday /sarc

A good night’s sleep could reduce hyperactivity and bad behaviour among children, a Finnish study reports.

No shit, Sherlock? Well who would have thunk it – a kid needs a good nights sleep so they will behave – and not be a total brat.

Seriously – will someone pay me hundreds of thousands of dollars to do something as simple as that?

Parents, DUH!, have known this since time immemorial!

Parents’ estimates of sleep duration were longer than the actigraph measurements, which the researchers say could be because they measured from bedtime or because they assumed their children were asleep when they were simply lying awake in bed or reading.

Eeh, when I was a lad that was the time we had the “Lights OUT!”

And we went off to slumberland.

Some of the old things still work – and some are still trying to fix them.

BBC NEWS | Health | Child behaviour ‘linked to sleep’.

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