Tories plan lies; and all this for schools. Who dreams up this shit?

Making schools genuinely accountable to parents by freeing them from political interference

We look at:

About Lord Harris

Lord Harris of Peckham is the major sponsor of the Harris Academies in South London.

Lord Harris was born in 1942, was educated at Streatham Grammar School and is married with four children. In 1957 he took over the running of the family business of three carpet shops and is now chairman and chief executive of Carpetright plc, which has over 500 shops in the UK and Europe. Lord Harris and his whole family are personally committed to providing the best possible education at the Harris Schools and to giving all students every opportunity to succeed in their chosen careers.

Lord Harris’s vision is that rather than working in isolation, the Harris Academies will work together as a federation. This will enable the schools to use their combined resources and collective expertise in order to assist each other and so raise standards faster than would be the case with schools working in isolation.

Tory! Political Tory.


Advancement of the Christian Religion

We encourage appeals within the following category from a wide variety of sources under the general heading ‘advancement of religion’. These are not exclusively from Anglican organisations, but we discourage appeals from overseas unless there is a UK charitable arm. Appeals may be broadly grouped into those relating to buildings and those connected with people; we look particularly sympathetically on the latter.

Take into account I am a Christian – but a secular one.


From small and informal beginnings in 1976, The Ark Charity has grown to become a substantial provider of a variety of accommodation and support services to vulnerable and homeless young people in the Milton Keynes area.

A charity, although a great cause – taking over the running of schools?

How will that help education?

Not political? You must be off your head, Michael – primary academies? You Tory politicians are as mental as New Labour’s are.

via BBC NEWS | Education | Tories plan primary ‘academies’.

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