Being really sick to the stomach

It isn’t about the fact that new evidence has come out that Ian Tomlinson’s head smashed into the pavement when he was shoved by the police officer – that surprisingly doesn’t surprise me at all.

For many years people have been talking about the heavy-handedness of the police in the UK – nobody listened, even when people died in police custody – there always was some excuse. And that led to people becoming immune to these deaths – even though they were widely reported. This in turn always allowed those who would support the police no matter what not to have to be as specific or as vocal as they are today – though you could guarantee it always was the victims fault.

And, as we see from the Times story – we see that in the comments that Ian died because it was his fault. You cannot hide the intonation of the comments:

Sadly, in this country too many people do not move on when instructed by police. It has become acceptable to be obstructive – we all know our “rights”. This is a terrible tragedy but if he had moved on it would not have happened. The blame lies with those who promote the “answer back” culture.

Obviously not enough people know their rights. Ian was trying to make his way home – he was not a part of the protest, and – again with obvious ease, you spot where the commenter has it wrong – solely to defend the actions of the police officer in this case, Ian was moving on, put as we see from the footage – not fast enough for the officer so he helped him on his way – but this time it wasn’t just a matter of helping him on his way in another direction, it was helping him on his way to his death.

Third post-mortem on G20 protest victim Ian Tomlinson – Times Online.

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