And this is why you're going to vote Tory?


‘Call me Dave’ wants expenses to be more transparent? Well – not really he just believes the cost should be reduced – what most people want is for the allowances, or expenses, whatever you wish to call them dropped completely.

But then you have those who have their snouts in the trough so firmly they believe that they should keep the same amount. Either keeping the current system or paying MPs much, much more. 200 grand more – or there abouts.

I could understand it if you had read that as Jacqui Smith – but it isn’t – it is a Tory shadow minister. What joy!

MPs are due to vote next week on government plans to replace the controversial second homes allowance with a flat-rate daily fee for attending Parliament.

They should have neither! If being an MP is a calling, a vocation then you make sacrifices it is a simple as that. Second home allowance isn’t paid to anyone else without taxation is it? Please correct me if I am wrong – do MPs pay tax on this allowance?

What the Tory shadow minister, Laurence Robertson goes on to say is:

MPs “should not be bounced into a system…simply because the home secretary claimed less than £10 for a porn film or because another MP employed someone who did very little”.

So we take from that, even though Dave is a little bit off on that one, is it is perfectly OK to claim a little bit of public cash to pay one of your family for doing nowt – or they should have their TV paid for – with public money.

See any difference between the Tories and New Labour?

I ask again, why would you just vote in the Tories when they are no better than New Labour – because they both believe the same thing, especially when it comes to milking the public coffers.

He said that his MP’s salary was his sole source of income and MPs should be compensated for having to work long, anti-social hours and spending long periods away from their families.

If allowances were reduced, without any equivalent rise in MPs’ basic pay, members of Parliament would simply seek more work outside Parliament to top up their incomes.

“Do people want their MPs to do more work outside of Parliament? I don’t think so.”

Cutting expense levels also risked dissuading people from running for Parliament, he added.

If that happened, the only people becoming MPs would either be multimillionaires “out of touch with ordinary people” or “anoraks” who just wanted to become MPs for the sake of it.

As an MP Robertson earns 64, 766 pounds a year. With a pension thrown in of 17k (paid by the public purse) total: 82,000, (£1,576 per week including pension) again, there abouts, give or take a few quid. And he needs a second income – and expenses?

The average wage in the UK is give or take a bit 25,000 per year.

The top 10 per cent of the earnings distribution earned more than £946 per week, (£49,192 per year) while the bottom 10 per cent earned less than £262 per week (£13,624 per year).

The only real way allowances can be seen as transparent – is if they are none!

BBC NEWS | Politics | Don’t make us worse off – Tory MP.

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