The Labour party then faces a long, long time in the wilderness

This statement I have seen so much in the last few months that I feel I should address what I think about it – and I must admit, as horrified as I am, I think it is completely wrong.

New Labour will lose the next election – and I still, even now, feel that the next parliament will be a hung parliament.

Over at LC Dave Semple did a post about how Darling’s budget wasn’t good enough – and I agree with him – even using Rahm Emmanuel’s “Don’t waste a crisis” quote – Darling missed that by a mile – he could, as I said yesterday, have done so much more.

He could have even put the Tories on the back foot – yet he didn’t. Was that an election ploy as was the budget? Could be – but I don’t think that New Labour thinks that far forward or can multi task thoughts – we will see.

But will New Labour be in this mythical wilderness for a long time? Well no is what I say.Certainly not because I support them – I don’t.

But what you will have after the next election is – if all the pundits are correct – a Tory government not the hung parliament that I predict. If that Tory government has a majority then you will have massive – and I mean massive cuts in public spending. They have even said that this is the case, even before this budget and they will say it again. But is that what people really want? I don’t think it is.

With the Tories returning to type in government people will begin to remember what it was like under a Tory government, and this one could be even more Thatcherite than Thatcher. And that could be their downfall – I can actually see, God forbid, a one term Conservative government, or less, and a return of New Labour if the electorate don’t do something about the neo-liberal blue and red party’s.

I will blog more about why I feel that the LibDems should be elected over the coming months. But if you want New Labour to be eradicated from the parliamentary circle electing a LibDem government could be the way. That would, if elected, force New Labour into 3rd place. Tories would vote Tory even if Gordon Brown crossed the floor and became leader – yes, that is how indoctrinated they really are.

New Labour won’t be in the wilderness if a Tory government is elected – but they could be it a LibDem one is.

Vote wisely!

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