The Budget could have done much more to get manufacturing jobs back into the UK – it failed

But – as I knew that Darling wouldn’t do anything to bring about a sustain job creation budget, we can forget that for now.

What I want you to do is click the link in this story – stare hard at the picture – and then feel sorry for Charlie Mullins, feel really sorry for him because he is having to pay more tax, the Mail claims 61p.

Charlie has his own business, and pays himself one and a half million pounds a year. Read that again, one and a half million pounds a year – and he pays tax on that. You have to feel sorry for him because his tax will go up from £587,530 to (allegedly) £725,120 – even if that is true that will leave him with £774,880. Not a bad pick up.

How much does his 160 employees earn per year? Certainly nothing near one and a half million per year, and no where near the 150K per year where they have to pay the 50% tax rate.

If this then means that the rich, and super-rich move aboard – will that mean a lack of investment in the UK by entrepreneurs? No – but you are expected to believe that the 350,000 who are at the very top of the earning tree are going to bring wages up to a reasonable level – they won’t.

So where is the money in the budget for manufacturing jobs – the green jobs that could have been created – they are not there, a real loss for the UK – having manufacturing jobs where people would have been employed, paying taxes.

Darling failed with this budget – and it won’t bring any more votes for the New Labour government either – it was a waste.

If you should be earning £100,000 your tax ‘burden’ will not change – odd then that the Mail and right-wing papers are making an argument over this. And how people who are on less than Charlie puts away each month for his pension should care.

So much could have been done – yet, it wasn’t.

61p tax rate and rich perk clawback ‘will force top talent to go abroad’ | Mail Online.

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0 Responses to The Budget could have done much more to get manufacturing jobs back into the UK – it failed

  1. Kevin says:

    I really can’t believe that more emphasis has not been put on the creation of green jobs in the UK, it seems such an obvious thing to do that would win votes but no one besides the greens seem to be making it that much of an issue. I also wanted to point you in the direction of which gives the parties replies to budget along with a place to discuss it and to ask them other questions.

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