Dave Cameron: I will make Britain proud!

Stopped laughing?

OK – well not only will he make Britain proud – you know, with all that cutting of services, do kids have milk back yet – ‘cos that will go forthwith!

No, not the cutting of public spending – that isn’t it – the fighting of crime? Nope – not the fact he is going to cut so much public spending and make the poor, poorer – or that he is going to use public money to build far more prisons – just to get those off the streets who cannot survive on a pittance – or that he is going to make the UK proud by giving businesses no end of tax relief – no, not that – he is going to make Britain proud by giving back responsibility!

FOOK YEAH!!!!!!!!


Giving back responsibility is going to make Britain proud!? How the fuck is that going to work?

Here you are Mrs Jones – have your responsibility back! Yeah – I’ll bet she is cock-a-hoop on that one, Dave!

On the other hand, Nick Clegg is going to raise the tax rates up to 10 grand a year and those about 100k will pay that bit more.

Introducing the proposal Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg said “big businesses and millionaires” would make up the shortfall in revenue.

I wonder which will make more sense to the electorate should the LibDem’s get the airtime?

BBC NEWS | Politics | Tories ‘will make Britain proud’.

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