Justice is not retribution

There is a false story being spun by the White House, being touted by the Republicans, that says if we take a look back, if we bring to justice those who tortured and who were the architects of torture in our name, that we are seeking retribution.  This is like the false choice stated by Dick Cheney that says either we torture or the United States is not safe.

On the same team?

On the same team?

When someone breaks the law, the President does not have the authority to decide whether or not to prosecute.  That person, if there is reasonable suspicion and probable cause, should be arrested, tried and found innocent or guilty based on the evidence.  Nowhere in our criminal code does it have an asterisk, or a caveat, that allows for President Obama to interfere.

The role of the executive branch is to enforce and execute the laws.  If we are a nation of laws, and the president is the chief law enforcement officer, then those laws should be enforced.  As much as I like and support the President, he and his administration are wrong to be ostriches here.

There are still people fighting extradition for war crimes committed during World War II.  The people responsible for torture at Abu Ghraib are in jail right now.  Those responsible for the atrocities at Guantanamo Bay should be brought to justice.

It has nothing to do with retribution, Mr. President.

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0 Responses to Justice is not retribution

  1. jamblichus says:

    Came across your blog via the WordPress main page. Couldn’t agree with you more here. I understand Obama faces a difficult situation here, with an apparently very nervous CIA after the torture memo releases etc; not to mention a right wing that apparently think they are being victimised by Napolitano, but this tendency to say “lets move on,” as if massive abuse of the constitution were some minor trauma like a pet dying, is frankly absurd. Lets not move on. Lets take these fuckers to court and have a hard look at the past few years.

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