Ah well – that's that then, says Mandelson

The “We have to suck up to business” Minister is implying that the ‘Smeargate’ incident is over – odd that – taking into the accounts that are once again being revealed over at Guido’s blog. But he does like to have a handle on these things.

Mandelson also says that the government should be concentrating on doing its job – which begs all the questions as to why it wasn’t doing it in the first place.

Unfortunately the BBC piece gives no real indication as to when they are going to do that nor how the government, or No 10, are going to stop the next crop of innuendo and rumour from the Whitehall Village. You even have Smith saying that she will allow(?) papers from the Hillsborough disaster will be opened 10 years before they should be.

Now why would that be? To offset the condemnation of the current police actions or to divert the public interest from what goes on in the sink-holes of public office?

Or – as I am in modern cynical mode today – could it be that those papers are being opened just so she can keep her job? Also, we have to remember, that the Hillsborough happened while the Tories were on watch. If there is any indication that this could be a result of bad management by the Tories of the day – well, you get my drift…

Politics has made so many like me as cynical as we are because of their, the politicians, cynicism toward the public at large. And, to top that one off – New Labour are seen as worse than those who came before them – that has to take the biscuit.

BBC NEWS | Politics | Smear row ‘over’ says Mandelson.

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