The money shot was the protesters attacking RBS

I for one want a free press – that should go without saying but the point is “The money shot was the protesters attacking RBS” is correct – but why?

The press want that photo to go with the headline – a guy getting shoved over by a police officer is just not it, certainly not in the current political climate in the UK. Tough on crime, tough on the causes of crime still ring true in many circles – and and a couple of people – there may have been more, throwing a computer screen through a plate glass window surrounded by a gaggle of photographers was the place to be.

I ask why would the police allow this? After all – this was and still is criminal damage. Those idiots who did the damage are bloody fools – all part of a great conspiracy? I doubt that – but I am a cynic, so things like this cross my mind – especially when one person uses the death of Ian Tomlinson to say that the G20 protest is the reason to keep professional journos!

What bollox!

It was an American, of all people, who gave the Guardian the footage that started the whole thing – bringing about justice – with the irony that he was in the financial industry – where was the professional journo? Probably watching the dumb shits who smashed a window – well that would sell a few extra copies now wouldn’t it?

A further issue highlighted by Tomlinson’s death is that much of the initial coverage was appalling, evidenced by the readiness of many sections of the establishment media to present “official” versions.

Appalling isn’t the word for it! Absolute debacle is more like it.

It cannot replace the vigilance and tenacity of good investigative reporting, as shown by the Guardian’s use of photographs and footage of Tomlinson. This was investigated and verified by journalists whose revelations changed the angle of coverage by other newspapers and broadcasters.

This after being given the footage AND reporting the initial press release as fact!

The ‘Citizen Journalists’ had one up on the MSM – and they are now taking the most credit for it? Sweet Mary!

People expect, by default, that papers will NOT accept the official line! And then they will go out and find what is the truth – too many papers in the UK are all for that few minutes with the minister because they have the power to say that you can have that minute or two to get the headline.

Why are the newspaper journalists not following the minister around and asking the questions that people want answered? Why does it have to be done in Westminster over a nice coffee and crumpets or a turtle shell of a studio?

When will journalists get it that they represent the people just as much as the politician!?

‘Citizen journalists’ eg bloggers and the like are getting so popular in the UK because the professional journalists are not doing their job!

Peter – do you think that the database state would be as far advanced as it is if journalists had been on top of it five years ago?

Don’t come along now and pat yourself on the back – there is still a lot to do – take the plaudits, for you and professional journalists will get them, but go out and start afresh at being what you are paid to do and make those in power answer the damning question.

If there is to be a real and positive outcome and a lasting epitaph to Ian death, let it be an unwritten law that the press will never let his memory fade because you all will do your jobs – with no fear or favour.

Then you will see people buying papers again – a shedload of them, because they are telling the truth and journalists are doing their job!

Peter Lazenby: The G20 reason to save journalism | Comment is free |

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0 Responses to The money shot was the protesters attacking RBS

  1. thebeadden says:

    Well said, Will. These newspapers that are worried about their future should have thought about sanitizing their news coverage for whoever they do it for.

    The internet has been a thorn in their side, I imagine. Gone are the days when they can ignore what they don’t want us to see. With cellphone cameras and the lower prices of mini cams, the public can record events that were usually ignored or made to seem different than they were.

    Now I read that they don’t want pictures being taken of police out in public! Who pays the police force? And why is it there are cameras all over taking pictures of the public? And if the police are doing their job, they should have nothing to worry about. Like they tell the public…if you aren’t doing anything wrong, why should it worry you that you phone calls, e-mails, and surveillance of the public bother you?

    I’m not saying the media has to run around covering everything the public wants, but if they do want the public to start buying their papers, at least make an effort to make it into something more than a mouthpiece for politicians and others who want to have something swing their way. At least present both sides.

    Look at how protesters were fenced and had to be way down the street for whatever event they were protesting. And they wonder why the public has become more frustrated. And in Montreal where they caught the police dressed up as protesters who were trying to provoke the crowd.

    It makes me wonder why all of a sudden they are covering these non stop now.

    And you are so right when you ask why they aren’t following the authorities around and asking the questions we want answers to. Once again, if our lawmakers are on the up and up, then why do they have to sanitize the questions? Why are most interviews and question periods worked out ahead of time. Like us, they should have nothing to be worried about, right?

    Even in the States, they are all of a sudden covering things they would have played down when Bush was president. That many people think all this is Obama’s doing. Can you believe it? And why is it that many people think that? Because the media didn’t do their job when Bush was in term. And we can’t put all the blame on the media. It was the lawmakers, authority figures that made the decisions and chose the actions. They were the real problem. But the media should have covered things they knew about. They should have tried, if they wanted people to buy their papers and remain a trustworthy source of information worth paying for. No one wants to spend money on nothing more than an advertisement.

    And I am not saying that Obama should be put up on a prop and stay blameless, because now he is in the position to make changes where they should be made. And I am far from being a fan of his. (I am sure you know why) But I wondered why anyone in his or her right mind would want to walk into the mess the last president left.

    Oh, I just wanted to ask. I have noticed in a few articles I have been reading, the journalists have been using Mr. Obama. It was always President Bush in the papers. I wonder why they are using Mr. ?

  2. thebeadden says:

    They were BBC articles that I noticed it in first.

    You know, before finding your site, I never knew how much the British public was under so much surveillance and had the types of laws they do. The way they treat the younger generation.

    I thought our freedoms and civil rights were being stripped away here in North America at an alarming rate. But looking at Britain, we are in the baby steps, the beginning. They are full swing ahead!

    And the realization that we actually pay the costs to lose our rights. What a strange world we live in.

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