Steve Richards: Gordon Brown is just great!

Please leave him alone…

I just don’t know whether I should laugh or cry.

Because the New Labour government have done some good things then bloggers should unite behind them and attack whomever should criticise. Personally when it come to those good things, they didn’t go far enough – but what Steve Richards forgets to mention in his piece is not the bad things, well if he did he would be saying that he was following the pack as well, not the bad things – the downright horrid and scary things.

Things like detaining people for far too long while they are not being charged. Databases so large people, ordinary people, are actually terrified of what the government hold on them. People having phone calls tagged, emails tagged, websites tagged. Police battering people who protest – why is it that if we, the bloggers – and those of us who are certainly NOT right-wing bloggers, who criticise Gordon Brown and those who are in his cabinet are following the pack?

I don’t care what Guido Fawkes has done to someone who was about to join forces with another to add scurrilous reports to the web just to bring about a victory for New Labour. New Labour has done that – themselves!

Far from it – New Labour needs to lose the next election, they need to get back to a Labour party and not a party run by spin. They need to get back to a party that believes that the privacy of the individual, their civil liberties are what should be at the forefront of policy making – because they are not that party now. Inclusion should be the watch word of a Labour government – but all they bring is division – and that alone means that the are not a Labour government, let alone the authoritarianism that runs through the veins of this government.

Don’t blame us for what is seen to be wrong, Steve – blame those who have brought it upon themselves – and that would be Jack Straw, Smith, and Gordon Brown plus a few others. They are the ones who advocate legislation that curtails what British people have taken for granted for aeons – not those of us who blog about where they have gone wrong.

Write about that Steve – write about how a new, real Labour party can emerge from the ashes – because I can almost 100% guarantee that this government will fall a long way.

And I am a left-winger, a real left-winger. And one that cannot even think about voting for this government.

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0 Responses to Steve Richards: Gordon Brown is just great!

  1. It’s really difficult to have great respect for a man who, as Finance Minister, sold off half the country’s centuries-old gold reserves when the price was at an historical low point.

    But like everywhere else, people who blunder in their present function but are hard to get rid of get promoted to upper management. 🙂

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