Libertarian dream – Cameron's wish list

Libertarian’s would prefer that this be British taxi drivers, it isn’t; but all you have to do is look at what they believe and you will see that – without the protection of a government legislation, who know what it was doing – you would have British people working for a quid for 70 hours labour. They would justify this by saying you had negotiated this with the employer – so it would be fair policy and not harm, or fraud – or whatever else they feel they can objurgate their argument with.

Dave Cameron would say – simply, this is private enterprise and we should welcome it. He, like his Etonian brotherhood would take this as a fair days wage for a fair weeks work.

The Tories, they hate paying people for what they do – regardless of the fact that real wealth comes from those at the bottom of the pile. The working-class that is.

Of course you have the playlist of what a person would be paid, it is always a matter that they will be paid really well – but that never happens because, of course, there is always the hidden charges that the employer – the great employer that must be coddled to such a degree he/she must never be taxed or be burdened with regulation – but to be free to create the wealth of the nation, even though they are creating their own Dickensian wealth.

But Lancaster director Ernie Hill blamed the Romanians ([Sic] British worker) for their poor earnings.
“We bring them over here and get them new cars,” he said, “but many of them are very, very greedy.

“If they are not earning good money, that’s because they are lazy.”

So much of this story reminds me of the middle-management when I worked int’mill in the 80’s – at least I didn’t have to rely on the employer to provide my housing – but if Cameron has his way – you can bet that the years of Thatcher will be back in vogue.

When that election comes – be very wary of who you vote for.

£1 for 70 hours working for Lancaster Private Hire – Investigations.

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