Tea bags, Taxes, and the "new" Republican Right

“Watch yourself. Be on guard. This place is full of vultures, vultures everywhere. Everywhere.” – Casablanca

ECONOMY-CALIFORNIA/TAXREVOLTThere is a “movement” of idiots afoot protesting President George Bush’s tax structure, though they claim they’re against President Obama’s bailouts (like TARP, which started under . . . President Bush). They’ve mistaken the stimulus package passed by President Barack Obama and the 111th Congress for something that affects them as they file their taxes for 2008. What’s more, Faux News is promoting this farce and trying to make it sound like a news story instead of a (permanent opposition to a Democratic president) publicity stunt. Fashioned after the famed Boston Tea Party, where American colonists disguised themselves as Native Americans and destroyed private property in protest of taxation without representation, today’s ‘tea baggers’ are protesting against the wrong people for the wrong reasons. However, they haven’t realized that much like the Virginia Republican Party, which was displaying softcore lesbian pornography on its website a few days ago “by mistake”, that their preferred method of protest, teabagging, is a rather vulgar masculine display of power and authority it modern parlance.

This confusion about what is good for the United States, and what is Right in the United States, and what is simply peeing into the wind is exemplified by the people who speak for the Republican Party in public. Take House Minority Whip Cantor’scomments about tax increases today.

“At a time when American families and small businesses are facing difficult challenges and financial uncertainty, Washington must not make their situations worse by imposing the largest tax increase in American history.”

His comments have absolutely nothing to do with the taxes we’re filing. He (and the teabaggers . . . giggle) are trying to link together President Obama, the economic crisis, and the fact that our government must have taxes as revenue in order to function. How did he vote on Congressional salary increases? How do the teabaggers expect that the services they depend on like police departments, fire departments and public schools to name a few, are to be paid for?

The tax structure today is lower than it was under that paragon of conservative economic virtue, President Reagan. President Obama’s tax cut for the majority of American families (including those who run small businesses) took effect in March of 2009 – which means that they affect next year’s tax returns, not today. The New Right is so wrapped up in fighting President Obama(even though they lost the election, remember) that they can’t see straight.

I’ve grown tired of the whining, the preening, the Rushing. Protest is the right of every citizen of the United States, and really the world. But you should know what you’re protesting for (or against) before you open your mouth, paint a sign, or threaten to tea bag someone.

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0 Responses to Tea bags, Taxes, and the "new" Republican Right

  1. Matt says:

    I have always felt that Congress should not be allowed to vote for its own salary raise: offset it by 2 terms perhaps…

    Anyway, I love how liberals always bring up police, fire, and schools as the reasons why taxes need to be paid. Of course those are good things to spend taxes on! But do you honestly think they are the only things that taxes go towards? Of course not. We all know there are pet projects here, and little funds there, and all of those create a drain on the same tax base. Instead of cutting funding to police, fire, and schools, how about privatization of the extraneous programs?

    Now on to the subject at hand: the protesting that is occurring is not a rebellion against 2008 income taxes – sorry you missed the thesis there. It is about telling Washington that it is NOT okay to keep spending our money without any benefit to our nation. Yes, President Obama may have a lower income tax structure than President Reagan did, but what of gas taxes? Carbon taxes? Taxation is not just limited to income, as many conservatives and liberals seem to forget. As long as the overall amount of money taken out of my pocket by the government keeps going up, my taxes have increased.

  2. ReyMac says:

    I bring up basic services because that’s what the pot is for . . . to fund government. And last time I checked, they (our elected representatives) aren’t spending money “without any benefit to our nation.” Though you may not agree with some of the things they are spent on, those tax dollars aren’t spent willy-nilly.
    Personally, I feel like every person should be taxed at 10% of their income. No deductions, no loopholes. Just 10%. And yes, there are programs that could be privatized, though I hesitate to use the word because the “private sector” is the bullshit free market that is responsible for the current economic climate.
    As for taxes on fuels . . . you’re right, we do pay a lot. But we also choose to use. It is that simple. Don’t like gas tax, don’t drive a car.
    The protests today (according to what they’ve put out themselves) are missing the point, all the while claiming historical relevance and conservative opposition to big government, neither of which is accurate.

  3. Matt says:

    “Those tax dollars aren’t spent willy-nilly”

    Like spending nearly $100 million more than our last president on an inauguration? Like giving raises to congressmen and women who haven’t earned them? Like bailing out AIG, GM, Fannie/Freddie, and other companies that just should have died? Like building schools in Iraq that will just be blown up all over again? Our money is spent every day on things that shouldn’t be funded, but are.

    I like the tax rate idea, but while a flat 10% tax rate is appealing, it’s not entirely fair: 10% on a $50,000/year income hurts a lot more than 10% on a $300,000/year income. But I agree that something of the like is needed. Studies show that as the tax rate declines, more tax revenues are received from the wealthy (they are willing to push for more income because their slice of the pie is bigger).

    “Don’t like gas tax, don’t drive a car”

    Yeah, just like “don’t like income tax, don’t get a job”. So simple. Sure, I can get rid of the car and just move into the city, except then I’ll be paying the city of Cleveland’s ridiculous 18% tax (or whatever it is now). Either way, taxes are increasing on me. How is that a “choice”?

    The tea parties aren’t just complaining about Obama; it is a combination of Bush, his Congress, Obama, and his Congress. Too much spending has been occurring and people are starting to get frustrated. It isn’t a matter of party identification. Why didn’t it start during the Bush era? I believe it did toward the end, but was not organized into rallies. These feelings were held close to the heart, awaiting the change we were promised by our new President. But now that change is spelling out the same story of “spend, spend, spend”, the only difference being the recipients.

  4. ReyMac says:

    The inauguration wasn’t paid for by the government. The only thing they paid for was security. Trust me, I got enough fundraising emails about it. I am with you on the bailouts, but not the stimulus. I think the government does have a responsibility to citizens to infuse capital. As for schools in Iraq, we broke it (under Bush), so yes, we should fix it.
    I know that 10% of $5,000 may have more impact that 10% of $5,000,000, but I say everyone has to put in what they have. The graduated scale gives credence to the class warfare issue, charging those who have more just because they have more.

    “The tea parties aren’t just complaining about Obama; it is a combination of Bush, his Congress, Obama, and his Congress. Too much spending has been occurring and people are starting to get frustrated. ”

    I wish that this were true, but the conversations and quotations from Fox to CNN to MSNBC to YouTube were a bunch of racist rants that conflated a lot of different “issues” and laid them at President Obama’s doorstep. None of the “teabaggers” (yes, that’s still funny) talked about Bush and his Congress. All of the bailouts, all of the spending was portrayed as “liberal Obama turning the country socialist and us good Christian white folk just ain’t gon’ have none of that, ya hear?!”

    Taxes are a necessary part of a functioning government. Protest is a necessary part of it. The teabaggers didn’t know what they were protesting. It was ridiculous. Just ask Governor Perry.

  5. Matt says:

    I stand by my original statement:
    “The tea parties aren’t just complaining about Obama; it is a combination of Bush, his Congress, Obama, and his Congress. Too much spending has been occurring and people are starting to get frustrated. ”


  6. Matt says:

    Wow. And now I’m officially done with CNN.

  7. ReyMac says:

    Nice video. That woman articulated much the same frustration that you’ve been talking about. Unfortunate that she got no airplay. I concede the point, then, that there were many people there who had legitimate beef. If they were the majority of people, then there is something even more sinister going on, because none of that got through the MSM.

  8. Matt says:


    Usually I respect what you post. It provides insight on a higher level while throwing in well-placed satire and witty observations. With this post, you have earned no respect. You obviously have no clue what you are talking about here and decided to resort to petty imitations of some hillbilly Republican for a cheap laugh at the other side. Until you take some time to understand the real motivation of the movement and why people like myself are frustrated with the way this is being portrayed in the media, we cannot have an intelligent discussion.

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