How about a crusty saying…I am not under 30 years of age

Fuck you Laurie Penny!

Not sure how old you are, Laurie – but, obviously, you are younger than 30 – and, in your eyes, people who are above that age have no idea about politics or silly technical things like the internet!

Draper and their associates to even begin to think that they could work the same magic from within the Westminster bubble. That’s just not how the blogosphere works. Ask anyone under thirty.

I probably used a computer before you were out of nappies! I have been blogging a while – and even if you detest Guido – he said something that was real, and even though he has opened Pandora’s box, of which he will reap whatever – Draper came to the blogosphere telling all and sundry that he was blogging for 60 million people – go after your editor for that one!

That statement is one of the most arrogant pieces of writing I have seen in a while – and you criticise that dick Draper?

Obviously your career as a Westminster researcher has you looking from the sidelines into the world of ‘big people’ and you don’t like it – run for office Laurie see how you can utilise that kind of wording while talking to the ‘crusties’ and see how they react to you.

That was childish – and unwarranted verbalisation! And for that you should be ashamed of yourself!

The world does not belong to those who are under 30 – fuck me if you are what the left has to fight with I despair!

You refer to our editor

Can you not get it through your head, as young as it is, that people – the voting public that you want to serve, or do you, do not want Draper and his ilk anywhere near politics? It is he, Campbell, Mandelson who are nought but spin – they have destroyed what is known as politics, and the Labour Party that I loved so much, to the gutter that they now reside?

I am one of those crusties, Laurie, one of those people who are over 30 – and I would bet that I know more about the internet than you do – fuck me, Obama is the same age as I – he a crusty, too? Let me have a word with Sir Clive or Bill Gates, or Mr Jobs – I’ll bet they are only 24 years old…

Grow up! Sack Draper by telling him to feck off away from Labourlist – or don’t you have the balls to do it?

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