CNN pundit Steve Moore: Alaskans pay no taxes

But is that true?

As he said it on CNN so it must be, we wouldn’t expect that there not to be something not quite right in that statement.


They do pay taxes, which we will get to in a second. But, if we are to assume that people of Alaska don’t pay taxes themselves – why on earth do they ask for all those earmarks? Wouldn’t it be better to pay for things themselves – as they are, obviously, so flush with cash – but…

Alaska is the only state that does not collect state sales tax or levy an individual income tax. To finance state operations, Alaska depends primarily on petroleum revenues.

Now you have to admit that this is really cool! Petroleum revenue not only pays the State for all it’s upkeep – the State pays the people cash each year!

Well I’ll go to the foot of our stairs.

Yet, if it was only, really, like that.

Sales tax

While Alaska does not charge a state sales tax, it does impose a vehicle rental tax text (10 percent on passenger vehicles; 3 percent on RVs), as well as an excise tax of $46 per voyage on passengers traveling on commercial vessels that provide overnight accommodations while in Alaska waters.
On the local level, 89 municipalities collect a general sales tax, with a range of between 1 percent and 7 percent. Typical sales tax rates are 2 percent to 5 percent. Details on local sales taxes can be found in Alaska Taxable, the Commerce Department’s official annual report to the Alaska State Legislature on local sales and property taxes. Contact information for Alaska’s municipal taxing jurisdictions can be found in the state’s directory.
Other types of local taxes levied include raw fish taxes, hotel and motel “bed” taxes, severance taxes, liquor and tobacco taxes, gaming (pull tabs) taxes, tire taxes and fuel transfer taxes.


Personal and real property taxes

Alaska is the largest state, but only a small portion of the land mass is subject to a property tax. Only 25 Alaskan municipalities (either cities or boroughs) levy a property tax. The average per capita property tax paid in 2008 in all municipalities, excluding oil and gas properties, was $1,212.

So you don’t pay taxes but you do.


What we see there is that the oil industry pays the State and the people get the benefit, which is always good, but – as always – what happens when the oil and gas run out?

I wonder which political ideology would prefer business to pay the people – I…just…can’t…think…of…it…at the moment…

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0 Responses to CNN pundit Steve Moore: Alaskans pay no taxes

  1. thebeadden says:

    I don’t think business should pay the people. But, in this case, if that business is making it’s money from resources in that place. Damn right they should pay.

  2. thebeadden says:

    See how flustered I am over this?

    Will, I should just know better than to come here!

  3. PiedType says:

    That system makes about as much sense as … as … Sarah Palin at a press conference. Go figure.

  4. thebeadden says:

    Well, Will, many times you will write things and I try to stay on topic. Like the paying no taxes thing, but what got me was the oil and gas industry paying the state.

    I think they should. It irks me to no end that a company has control and profits from our resources. That our government here in Canada just gave away control. Natural resources should be owned by the government and the people. We should be the ones who benefit from it. Instead these companies make billions and we pay! We pay the government with bloated taxes on the gas we pump. We are gouged at the pumps! We pay for these tar sand projects by them raising the price.

    And I do not like to lose my cool, EVER!

    But every time I come here something you have written just gets under my skin, and I react!

    See? Totally off-topic? That kind of isn’t fair to you or your post.

  5. thebeadden says:

    LOL! Not the way you write. Just content. But most of the time it is one sentence that doesn’t really apply to the headline and what you are trying to point out.

    And so I don’t comment because it’s not really what you were trying to promote.

    I like the way you write. šŸ˜‰

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