Is this really Great Britain?

I know that the education standards in the UK are not, shall we say, up to scratch – no where near as good as they should be – but even as that is the case, do we need pub doormen to keep the peace?

Bouncers, ex-soldiers and former police officers are being employed by schools to provide “crowd control” and cover absent teachers’ lessons, a teacher has revealed.

One school, thought to be in London, employed two permanent cover teachers through an agency for professional doormen, the National Union of Teachers conference in Cardiff heard yesterday.

Crowd control over a few pupils that are rowdy? This isn’t really the country I remember – if you were rowdy in class you were sent out of it and to the head – he/she dealt with you then – so why ex-coppers and soldiers?

And then this:

Sir Alan said: “School provision out of the classroom should be used as part of a planned early intervention strategy and, if possible, before incidents of serious misbehaviour occur.

“These strategies could include a withdrawal room on the school site when pupils need to be removed from class immediately or for internal exclusion.”

Internal exclusion!? What the hell does that mean? You are carted (how?) off to a room where you are left? You are in the “withdrawal room” with one of those bouncers – or you are in there with another teacher who is stronger willed than the teacher of the classroom you have just come from?

If the latter is the case then surely they should be the teachers in the class room?

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0 Responses to Is this really Great Britain?

  1. UK Voter says:

    As usual, it is a sledgehammer to crack a nut, we should no longer be surprised I guess!

  2. Will Rhodes says:

    My name is Will Rhodes as well. I live in the United States. Coincidentally, I was recently having a conversation about the UK educational system saying the exact opposite of your contention regarding the topic. I thought the educational system compared favorably with the United States.

    This is just scary to see.

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