More to the point – when will Fox become a real news channel?

Now that Obama’s numbers are going through the roof Fox Forum’s Bill Simmons asks – when will Obama go to church? If I thought this was a joke I would laugh – but it isn’t and to prove it there are 445 comment all talking about it – yet one, right at the top, caught my eye before I closed the browser window:

Susan, you are absolutely correct. Why do think Alan Keys is pursing this. Obama is hiding many things and one of them is the fact that he is even eligible to be president. Why would you spend $800,000 on lawyers to help you keep from having to release Occidental College Records, Harvard Records, Birth Certificate, Columbia records. It will cause a constitutional crisis not to mention riots if they could prove it true. his own people wouldn’t believe it even if you had the hard core evidence.
Would one of you please explain “W”s military record missing one year of duty???
He was the first president to go AWOL and become commander in chief!!

This is, as always, a matter that the wingnuts are thoroughly displeased, still, that Obama is the president of the US. But why should they be happy?

But it does mean, still, that they are the most hypocritical bunch.

Who cares if Obama and his family haven’t been to a church yet – he has been kinda busy – busy enough to piss Palin off, that’s a bonus!

Also in January, Obama told ABC that he and his wife Michelle would visit various Washington churches to find one that feels comfortable.

“It is tougher as president,” Obama said. “You know, this is not just an issue of going to church, it’s an issue of going anywhere. You don’t want to subject your fellow church members, the rest of the congregation, to being nagged every time you go to church.

So President Obama doesn’t want the congregation to be nagged to death for a quote from Fox? What a nice chap he is! And who can really blame him – you can bet the wingnuts would have a field day trying to grap the least little sound bite.

Obama is not the first president to opt out of church services in Washington. Former President Ronald Reagan refrained from services, saying the security requirements were too much of a strain on a congregation.


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0 Responses to More to the point – when will Fox become a real news channel?

  1. ReyMac says:

    This crap is why I’ve been slow to blog lately . . . too much bushlit, not enough substance. The President is doing a good job . . . that’s enough for me. Fauk Fox.

  2. thebeadden says:

    And if he did go, Will, everyone would tally up the cost to taxpayers for a one hour trip to church every Sunday. Quite simply, he should state they cannot afford to spend tax dollars on security right now. He can’t win either way.

  3. bchboy1 says:

    Fox is reacting…a lot . It just sad. Gretchen Carlson looks like she’s going to have a stroke. Steve Doocey can’t say anything about this current administration without saying”but” another famous orator Pee Wee Herman once said “everyone has a big butt”… thanks for your post!

  4. PiedType says:

    Considering the time, expense, and unwanted publicity of trying to go to any church on Sundays, perhaps the president could invite various ministers to the White House. Not the same as being actively involved in the church of his choice, but that may not be possible for him while he is president.

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