Cash machines? Are they serious!?

Again – you have to read things, then read them again just to make sure you wasn’t high on caffeine – or anything else.

And this was one of those occasions.

Apparently the UK home office and their never ending chase to introduce ID cards and now advocating that you will be able to use them in cash machines – ATMs – and I cannot believe that they are serious, yet obviously, they are. Of course – no one will be able to lift the information off them while you are using a cash machine – that could never happen, could it?

Identity and Passport Service chief executive James Hall said there were no “technical obstacles” to the idea.

He said this could allow ID cards to be used in cash machines and help online consumers “assert their identities”.

The fact is that you can assert your identiy in a miriad of ways already – so why do you need another chip and pib card – just to assert your idenity again.

You could come across anything – like buying a few beers at the offy:

“How old are you – and are you really you?”

“Pardon me?”

“You have a debit card, eh? OK – do you have a passport?”


“You want that beer – let me look at your passport!”

“Look – I just want to buy this pack of four, here, let me pay for them.”

“But you have to show me ID – you have an ID card?”

“Are you taking the piss? I want to buy these, now let me pay for them and I will be off, OK?”

“Not without your ID card, put it in the ATM and make sure you are you”


“Grandad, granma wants to know why you are taking so long”

Ridiculous I agree – but that is how it’s going to get – even for an older person. But as ridiculous as that is – so is adding an ID card feature to an ATM – can you imagine asking for your own cash and then a machine displaying on the screen ‘Please swipe your ID card for verification’ – you can imagine the American tourist asking “WTF!?”

I do pray that this government calls an election soon – just so the UK can be rid of these imbeciles.

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0 Responses to Cash machines? Are they serious!?

  1. Poch says:

    I never expected there were officials as stupid as these.

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