Judd Gregg: Let's militarise the budget…

Budget a ‘clear and present danger’ to our kids

First we need a quote:

Throughout our history, each generation made sacrifices to better the lives of the next generation. Part of the American dream has included passing on to your children hope for the future and the possibility of prosperity.

You see – with the insertion of a couple of words, the whole debate comes to a WTF debate.

Now, take those words out and you have a different kind of thing all together. I have only highlighted those words, not included them.

So really what is Judd Gregg getting at?

Hope and possibility are fine words – but he is also a Republican so he uses other words that bring about a feeling of apprehension into the debate eg, clear and present danger.

Yet, as Americans watch their jobs, savings and quality of life diminish during this very real and very serious economic downturn, many wonder: What will the future bring?

I understand their concerns — times are tough — but we are a strong and resilient nation, capable of recovering from this recession.

So what is your problem?

At least he has moved away from calling it a depression – like many other GOPers do.

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0 Responses to Judd Gregg: Let's militarise the budget…

  1. On the Money says:

    When the $700bn bailout – the first one – was eventually so publicly passed towards the end of last year a $670bn military spending budget was also passed – in the same week – but without even a mere whisper …

  2. leapsecond says:

    ^^The above is correct, and I’m surprised that nobody – nobody at all – covered it.

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