Daniel Hannan: I am now living up to my new found egotistical self

Lefties feel threatened by the internet :: Daniel Hannan.

Hannan – the coward who goes on Fox News to spout his viral crap writes in the Telegraph:

Lefties feel threatened by the internet

Obviously more the fool he is said to be?

Hannan is a fool. For proof, read a Spectator article he wrote in 2004 (unearthed by the Fabian Society’s Sunder Katwala) praising the “economic miracle” in Iceland. “Icelanders,” he wrote, “. . . have no more desire to submit to international than to national regulation. That attitude has made them the happiest, freest and wealthiest people on earth.”

In the Telegraph Hannan takes a swipe at those of us on the left saying that we are threatened by the internet – I know that isn’t the case because I, like so many others, are on the internet and are quite willing to engage the right at any time they like. I welcome them to comment here all the time – they just don’t!

But, to put Hannan’s quote into perspective:

The online success of Daniel Hannan’s speech about Gordon Brown to the European Parliament – it reached the top of YouTube’s “Most Viewed” list and has “gone viral” – proves what we knew: the internet lacks quality control. Hannan is a Conservative MEP and his three-minute speech repeats the banal and simplistic arguments, about national debt and nationalisation being bad things, that Tories have used in the Commons for months.

As Samuel Brittan points out in his Financial Times column, the UK national debt in 1956, after five years of Tory government, was roughly twice what is now predicted. Harold Macmillan, then chancellor, quoted the Victorian historian Lord Macaulay: “At every stage in the growth of that debt the nation has set up the same cry of anguish and despair . . .

Yet still the debt kept on growing; and still bankruptcy and ruin were as remote as ever.”

Now why didn’t Hannan add that to his piece on the Telegraph site?

Cheep shots by the Tories once again – but when, we ask, will that ever change?

It would be nice if those who grovel to Hannah would read what he links to rather than just a few lines that he quotes.


What Mr Wilby seems to mean when he complains that the internet “lacks quality control” is not that my speech was ungrammatical or shoddily constructed, but that its content was disagreeable.

Nope – he meant to say you are an egotistical tit! You are on a par with Hannity and O’Reilly – add to that Rush Limbaugh and you have an all round Hannan.

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0 Responses to Daniel Hannan: I am now living up to my new found egotistical self

  1. American Womyn says:

    Daniel is my new crush. I am an American and I can tell you Bush was no fiscal conservative. So to blame capitalism (like many lefties do) is idiotic. Hannan is awesome, our current president Obama is not. You may like socialism, we Americans do not.

  2. Delboy says:

    This fucker is another class A cunt.

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