Polly Toynbee goes back to type…

Polly Toynbee: New world, new rules: now Brown must dare to spend | Comment is free | The Guardian.

Just when you think that those who could be turning the corner and seeing common sense – they write a piece that proves they have not changed their colours at all.

Dear Polly – oh dear Polly!

She still feels that Brown and his government should be given one last chance – because those big bad Tories will cut public spending.

Look – the Tories are going to win the next election – there is no doubt about that – not unless you have rational people going out and voting for the LibDems as I believe they should, but that said – they won’t and the Tories will win.

The Tories are going to cut public spending like there is no tomorrow – David Cameron and Georgie boy are Thatcherite’s! That is obvious! But that doesn’t matter – the voting public are going to hurt Gordon Brown – they really detest him that much – they have said and better said that – and New Labour are not listening – that the problem Polly – not how much the government are wanting to spend. It is Brown’s adoption of Thatcher policies that has hurt him and this government.

I agree that the government should get more stimulus into the economy – create the demand for green works, make it worth the investment – but Brown won’t, because he feels if he fights the election on a Tory manifesto the people will forget. And he is wrong.

Conservatives are the same the world over. They have the same idea’s – the world over. Yes there is a need for dramatic change, but while you have a “left wing” government, which really isn’t a left-wing government, it won’t change. That is why I am saying, repeatedly, that the British voters should vote for the LibDems.

And that is for one simple reason only – the LibDems are NOT Thatcherite!

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