This – is total desperation

Labourhome » All to play for.

All to play for my arse – the only thing to think about is how is New Labour going to get a tourniquet on this as soon as possible.

I don’t know any of the people who write at Labourhome – but they are deluding themselves.

I would suggest that they do what I did back in ’97 and get out and actually talk to the people close by – not just those who are going to tell you what you want to hear – e.g. those who sit next to you while you are writing how New Labour are going to win the next election – the people who you have pissed off for the last few years.

And certainly not John and Jane Smith (using Smith as a surname isn’t the brightest of ideas now is it?). If you honestly feel the middle-class John and Jane are going to vote New Labour in enough numbers – you must be on some seriously bad shit!

New Labour will be lucky to be in a position where they can hold their heads high in a hung parliament. Get ready to do a deal with the LibDem’s – although I can’t see that happening either.

As an ex-labour man – not through real choice, if I knew that the Labour party was coming back to life I would vote for them. New Labour isn’t a party I could or can get behind – so it is the LibDem’s for me.

At least the LibDem’s are, or are looking, to bring about real policy change and have a bloke who knows something about economics that I can get behind.

Mandelson and Campbell’s spin won’t do anything this time – New Labour have lost.

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