McCain: Troops have it easy in Afghanistan

John McCain – the loser in the presidential race, has said that things in Afghanistan are, in comparison to Iraq, a cake walk.

Good that he wasn’t elected president then…the troops in Afghanistan would still be left under the water if it was for him to decide.

“It’s [Afghanistan’s] not as tough as Iraq, and don’t let anyone tell you that it is, because when we started the [2007] surge, Iraq was virtually in a state of collapse,” McCain said during a speech at The Foreign Policy Initiative.

The Arizona senator also rejected the idea that success in Afghanistan depends on stability in Pakistan.

Ya think? Pakistan can carry on being a lawless nation on its border and everything will be fine for the NATO troops? I see that he hasn’t changed one bit – if he were to become president one day (Heaven forbid) he would simply re-invade Iraq just to prove a point.

Is it that McCain will be running for a 3rd loss in 2012? I wonder.

McCain: Afghanistan challenge ‘not as tough’ as Iraq –

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