Colbert wins – NASA says no

NASA are now saying that they may ignore the votes cast for Stephen Colbert on their node naming contest and go with the second choice, Serenity.

Although this isn’t that easy for NASA – on the Colbert Report – Colbert reported as to have some support from Congress by the name of Rep. Chaka Fattah.

“NASA decided to hold an election to name its new room at the international space station and the clear winner is Stephen Colbert,” Fattah wrote in a statement. “The people have spoken, and Stephen Colbert won it fair and square

So there you have it, Democracy at work – Colbert won – well…

[…] – even if his campaign was a bit over the top.”

Colbert Gets Last Laugh on NASA, Wins Room-Naming Contest – Digital Journal: Your News Network.

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0 Responses to Colbert wins – NASA says no

  1. PiedType says:

    I’ve been following this story and what annoys me most is the “news” media reporting that Colbert “rigged the vote” or words to that effect, as though he had somehow tampered with the website or the voting mechanism. Check the NASA website ( “Colbert” was the number one suggestion, not the number one voted-on name. In any case, NASA had reserved the right to choose whatever name they wanted regardless of the voting or suggestions. Another non-story turned into headline news by our intrepid “reporters.” GAG!!

  2. PiedType says:

    Oops, the parens messed up that link. Drop the parens and it works. Sorry ’bout that.

  3. webhick says:

    The Illuminati are very pleased with NASA’s decision, despite the fact that it goes against one of our operatives. Stephen received less than a million votes and quite frankly, we know he can do better. So, thanks NASA, for trying to punish him, but I have something more sinister in mind as consequence for his failure. We’re also pleased because I’ve been dying to try out my facial modification kit and it looks like I’ll get the chance to do so. So don’t be surprised if they find some dead guy who looks like Nathan Fillion hidden in a secret compartment in the new module.

    It’ll be really fun watching the astronauts try to figure out what that smell is, and then subsequently get stumped trying to identify the body.

    Oh, happy day!

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