OK – who has replaced Gordon Brown with this doppelgänger?

I expected this…certainly not the scrap the allowance – how close is that election?

As soon as the G20 summit is over, will there be a runway opened up to bring a snap election? Must be – because I haven’t seen Gordy this brave for – well, a long time, if at all.

Mr Brown has told a committee looking at MPs’ expenses the £23,083 annual allowance could be replaced with a flat-rate payment for overnight stays.

He also urged the committee to begin its review as early as possible after a series of rows over allowance claims.

How much that over night sum will be is still up for review – and as it is going to be done by a government appointed independent body, we will have to wait on that, but if Gordy gets his way it will be sooner rather than later.

But that is the political call – he can say during the election: “Yes, we know that the sleazy allowance claims were morally wrong – that’s why we did something about which cannot be said for Dave Cameron” I bet that is used somewhere during the campaign.

Now onto getting a left-liberal government elected…

BBC NEWS | Politics | Scrap second home allowance – PM.

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0 Responses to OK – who has replaced Gordon Brown with this doppelgänger?

  1. Yeah it certainly stinks of pre election crap.
    Brown now needs to summon the strength to do a cabinet reshuffle. They’re all largely useless.

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